TROLLEY BAGS ™ Xtra Bag – Clip-on Grocery Box


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TROLLEY BAGS ™ Xtra Clip-on Grocery Box is the newest addition to the TROLLEY BAGS ™ Shopping Bags Set and our most versatile bag, suitable for any shopper! The Xtra bag can be flattened for easy transportation, and quickly opened into its stable box shape in seconds. Great for those little shops when you’re only picking up a few items, or to make your supermarket trolley bigger for larger shops by hanging on the front of the trolley thanks to its design registered hook system. The Xtra Bag can also be used for protecting fragile items within your trolley, such as eggs, bread or cakes, by being hung inside the trolley as you fill it with shopping around the store.

TROLLEY BAGS ™ Xtra Clip-on Grocery Box can hold 15kg – great for carrying bottles – but still ensuring you have full space inside the trolley. TROLLEY BAGS ™ Xtra Bag Clip-on Grocery Box can also be connected to another Xtra bag to create a neat storage solution in the car boot, whether that is for them to be filled with food shopping or other items.

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