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  • Make shopping a breeze with Trolley Bags!
  • Trolley Bags Originals – Fits standard superstore trolleys
  • 4 Trolley Bags in the set
  • The most popular, and the original, colourway
  • Fits standard carts found at: Kroger, Publix, Winn-Dixie, etc.

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TROLLEY BAGS ™ Original are a system of four reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the superstore checkout, sized to fit larger deep carts. In one simple action the TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags system spreads out and rests on the deeper superstore carts, giving you a series of open and upright bags into which you can pack and sort your shopping with both hands. Each durable bag holds up to 15kg and are designed to make your shopping trip easier and more convenient. The simple system can halve the time at the checkout as packing is quicker and easier without the hassle of holding bags open. Fits standard sized carts in stores such as Kroger, Publix, Winn-Dixie etc.

If you ‘Scan as you Shop’, you can simply rack open the bags into the trolley as you enter the store and they will remain open and upright, allowing you to fill them with your groceries as you walk around the superstore.


What are TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags made from?
The material part of the bag is made from the same non-woven material as similar bags. The mesh component is made from the same netting that can be found in travel cots, ensuring optimum strength.

Can TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags be washed?
Yes. The plastic rods can be removed through the openings on each bag, and the bags can be machine washed.

What size trolleys do they fit into?
As long as the trolley you are using does not exceed 25″ in width, which is the width of the rods at the tops of the TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags, then they will work perfectly fine.

What weight can each bag hold?
We do not specify an exact weight that the bags can hold. However, we are confident in saying that each bag will be able to hold what you are prepared to carry.

Can TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags be used with a child in the seat of the trolley?
Yes. The TROLLEY BAGS ™ shopping bags will just bunch up a little more at the front of the trolley, or you can use one less bag.

Will there be an insulated bag for cold items?
We are working on an insulated insert that will fit into the blue bag.

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Dimensions 7 × 27 × 6 in

4 reviews for TROLLEY BAGS ™ Original Shopping Bags – Vibe

  1. Cynthia Turner (verified owner)

    Used mine for the first time today and LOVE THEM. They are thicker than the usual reusable bags and hold quite a lot. I only had to make two trips to the car to talk stuff in the house. The bags are so big your up can unload from the floor. Good investment!

  2. Regina Buell (verified owner)

    I bought 2 sets when they first came out. One for myself , the other as a present. I usually take just the 3 smaller once. If you have a big family all of them might be good. They are very practical but a little to tall for smaller person to carry. I still like them and would buy them again. You certainly can’t beat the price.

  3. Joanne Williamson (verified owner)

    Love these bags,Bought 5 sets for gifts and I paid more than this per set.The price has gotten much cheaper.

  4. Joanne Williamson (verified owner)

    I bought 5 sets of these bags and I paid much more for these by the set.Love them and wish I had waited until they were cheaper.

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