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Trolley Bags
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 by Tara Van Buskirk

I am so excited to have received my Trolley Bags, they are amazing. They are really well made, shopping made easy, loading and unloading easy. I posted a picture of them on Facebook and so many friends are sending me messages on where to purchase them! What a great product!

 by DJ Young

I finally received my Trolley Bags. I'm so pleased with the design, quality and ease of use. They fit the shopping carts perfect. Many shoppers asked where did I get them, even the store checkout employees were interested. Many times I have to unload the groceries myself. The design makes it so convienient and quick. I didn't even mind. These were definitely worth the cost and the wait. Thank you

 by Holly
Cant wait to use again

I used my Trolley Bags for the first time today. I am shocked at how well they work!! An entire cart load of groceries I packed into four bags!! Everybody at the grocery store was asking me about the Trolley Bags and where they could get them. I can't wait to go grocery shopping again

 by Sandra

I've seen these on-line and posted in Pinterest. I've used them twice now and really like how they are more convenient than having a shopping bag full of reusable shopping bags.

 by Allen

I've been using these for a couple months now. Great item. Works like you'd want. More robust than expected. You can really load them up. Flexible and practical.

 by Knitter1

I love these bags! They fit the carts perfectly and are sturdy. They handle a good amount and weight of groceries.

 by n/a

It is great to have bags large enough and sturdy enough to actually hold real grocery items. They fit the cart well and are simple to use. When not in use they hang on the garment hook in the back of my SUV so I always have them even when I make unexpected stops at the store.

 by Sheila H.

Living here in California, USA means we're trying to do our best to keep single-use plastic bags out of our landfills. Trolley Bags are the perfect solution! I ordered 4 sets and while we all enjoy using them we found the tab shown in the video to wrap them together when not in use was left off all four sets I bought. This small tab would be a gre

at improvement, not sure why such an important item was eliminated. The insulated insert will be an excellent addition! Thanks for designing and producing this great product!